How to increase the time visitors spend on your website

How to increase the time visitors spend on your website_Wild Wattle Digital
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Ever had that gut-sinking feeling when someone pops onto your site and bounces away quicker than a kangaroo on a trampoline? Ouch. It’s like hosting a party, and someone peeks in, then dashes off without even snagging a snack. That’s a missed high-five moment with a potential buddy.

Before you drown in digital despair, here’s the deal: you’ve got maybe a handful of seconds to grab their attention. So, how do you make your site feel like a cozy coffee shop, luring them in for more?

  1. Serve the Good Stuff Upfront. Think of your site like a blockbuster movie trailer. You want the juiciest bits upfront, or above the fold as they call it. If a visitor is sleuthing around, say for “Why does my cactus look sad?” (yep, plants have feelings too.), make sure they spot the answer without a hunt. Showcasing the ‘Aha!’ info at the top saves them a scroll and earns you some serious brownie points.

  2. Flash Some Media Magic: Ever notice how an epic picture or a catchy tune lingers in the mind? That’s your secret sauce right there. Photos, videos, and tunes aren’t just eye-candy and earworms. They anchor visitors, giving context, showing off cool features, or just offering a jamming background score.

  3. Link It Up. Make sure you link to your other pages and blog posts in your website content. Like breadcrumbs in a fairy tale, guide your visitors. Whether it’s related posts, handy tips, or a fun quiz, keep them journeying deeper into your site. The longer they explore, the more they discover how awesome you truly are.

  4. Chat, Don’t Chatter: There’s nothing quite like a genuine chat. When crafting content, envision sitting across a cafe table, sharing stories over lattes. Ditch the formalities and lecture mode. Embrace the ‘you’, chuckle over shared quirks, and make them feel like they’re chatting with a buddy. Use the magical ‘you’ more than the ‘we’ and ‘I’ and make them the hero of your story!

  5. Besties in the Making: Everyone loves feeling understood. So, share those ‘been there, done that’ stories. Got a quirky tale about a product mishap? Or a glowing testimonial that warms the heart? These genuine, relatable moments seal the bond. Show your visitors you get them. Share stories, laugh at the goof-ups, and celebrate the wins.

Your website isn’t just a space; it’s a living, breathing entity, much like a garden. Nurture it, sprinkle in some personality, and watch as visitors bloom into long-term fans.

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