5 Essential Forms Your Website Needs Now

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Bianca Batty

Okay, I get it – “forms” might not be the most thrilling word you’ve come across today. But trust me, when it’s about your website, they’re pretty darn essential. After all, we all want our visitors to have a smooth ride, right? So, let’s dive into these five must-have forms your site shouldn’t be missing out on!

1. Contact Form: Ever had that moment when you desperately want to ask a question but can’t find how? That’s where this handy little form comes in. Pop it onto your ‘Contact’ page, and voilà! Visitors can easily shoot over their queries about your cool products or services. Plus, bonus – it keeps those pesky spam bots at bay.

2. Email Newsletter Signup: Think of this as your gateway to staying in your target audience’s inbox. If email chats are your jam, this is a no-brainer. Just a quick form where they drop their name and email, and you’re set to sprinkle some email magic. It also give you a list of ‘warm-lead’s’ when you add a new service or product you need to market.

3. Customer Feedback/Reviews: Everyone loves a pat on the back, and knowing what we’re doing right (or wrong) is gold! Give your customers a little corner to drop their thoughts. After all, a bit of constructive criticism never hurt anyone, right? Feedback is a great way to helping you improve your processes and delivering a better experience to your customers over time.

4. Customer Support: No matter how awesome our products or services are, sometimes, things might get a tad tricky. That’s where your handy support form steps in! It’s like a direct hotline for your customers to buzz when they need a hand. From here, you can assist your customer and provide them with stellar support.

5. Call Scheduling/Call Back: Let’s get real; sometimes, typing just doesn’t cut it. For those moments when a chat feels right, this form is a lifesaver. Whether it’s setting a date for a virtual coffee chat or a simple “Hey, ring me back!”, this form’s got you covered.

These forms are the bridges that connect you to your visitors, turning casual browsers into engaged customers. They’re not just placeholders or mundane site features. They’re your digital handshake, your virtual coffee chat invite, and your open-door policy, all rolled into one. So, while “forms” might have seemed like just another checkbox on your website to-do list, they’re truly the unsung heroes ensuring every visitor feels seen, heard, and valued.

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