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“Takes a weight off my shoulders”

Bianca is always responsive in a timely manner and nothing is too much trouble. She takes a weight off my shoulders, knowing my website is working as intended and all up to date.

– Kaye

“Totally nails it & highly recommend.”

Communication is key to any successful partnership, ensuring you get the result you expect – and when you partner with Bianca, you will not be disappointed. Everything is laid out in way that you are well informed of the process from the very beginning. Throughout this journey, it is an experience that is, at once, both confidence building and gratifying yet personal at the same time culminating in that Wow Factor Website that was promised. Communication; availability; knowledge; professionalism; customer experience; value for money; additional value-added services… you get the picture – Bianca has it all! In spades! Totally nails it and highly recommend.


“very satisfied with her work”

Bianca’s kind personality and understanding on how to work with an inexperienced person like me for the creation of my website made me feel comfortable and I am very satisfied with her work.


“she nailed it 100%”

Bianca made the most amazing website for me. I was pretty loose with the details, I knew the colours and the feel I wanted my website to give but that was about it. I have to say she nailed it 100%. She was great to work with, her ideas were top notch and she took care of the technical back end stuff that I have no idea or interest in learning. B was great to work with, easy to talk with and she was constantly coming up with new and exciting features to ad. 10/10 highly recommend.


“I felt very confident working with Bianca”

Bianca is very knowledgeable and is very good at transferring your ideas to the website. Very easy to work with and approachable with concerns, also thorough in her work. I felt very confident working with Bianca and as a result so very pleased with the outcome.


“10/10 would recommend”

Bianca did an amazing job of creating the website that I didn’t know I wanted. With only a few short messages back and forth she was able to take the ideas and examples of work that I had given her and turn it into a website that’s brilliant. If ever there was something I wanted updated and changed it was just a matter of ‘Yep sure can’ or ‘Yea no problem’. Such easy communication and so nice to be able to work with someone who really knew what they were doing and had a solid idea in mind after I explained what the website was to be used for and to demonstrate. 10/10 would recommend.


“Made me feel confident”

The best thing for me about handing over all the responsibility to Bianca to build a website was that, from the start, I was reassured in her ability to deliver. I think Bianca achieved this by making this business transaction personal, Bianca wanted to understand where I was coming from. This made me feel confident with her calm and capable, straightforward approach.


“Truly an expert in her field”

Thankful for the amazing feedback on my current website. I was provided with a Website Audit report that included the ways in which my site was loosing traction in Google and the BIG often confusing, world wide web. I was able to learn about quick improvements through an online live that would ensure that the speed of my website was mobile friendly, the CTA buttons stood out so users pressed to relevant booking options, built up some tech know-how on text sizes, tags and so many ways to upgrade my website with simple adjustments. Truly an expert in her field and quick turnaround for services. Thank you so much for this – amazing!!


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