How to use visual branding to tell a story

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Do you ever feel like your logo is just taking up space with no real purpose? 

You need to think of your visual branding as more than just a static image on your website or social media profiles. When used creatively, your logo, brand colours, imagery, and even sounds can help weave an engaging story for anyone visiting your site. They’re not just for looks, either. They create subtext around your content, adding layers to your customers’ experience of your brand.

Ready to dive in and explore some fresh, dynamic ways to use your visual branding? Let’s get started!

Animation: Imagine you’re a company that sells chic interior decorating tools. Your logo features a stylish paintbrush with a dynamic swoosh of paint. Why not bring that logo to life on your website? As visitors interact with different elements, your animated paint brush could sweep across the screen, adding a swoosh of paint. You could even change the colours on various product pages to mimic the colour scheme, which not only surprises the visitor but boosts your brand identity as well.

Visual Signposts: Using the same interior company as our example, consider how you might use branding elements like your paintbrush logo to guide visitors through your site. It could appear as a green checkmark next to superior features of your products, like a velvet finish paint that’s durable and easy to apply. This visual cue helps visitors instantly see why your paint outshines the competition, associating your brand with quality and value.

Colours: Colours can tell a story too. Suppose our interior design company uses a specific accent colour throughout its website. This colour could be strategically used to highlight important information or benefits of a product, subtly indicating to customers that they’re making a great choice by associating positive attributes with your brand’s colours.

Videos: Incorporating your logo into video content is another fantastic way to weave your brand story into every aspect of your digital presence. Whether it’s an animated logo at the start of your videos, featured in social media reels, or used as a storytelling element within the video, it helps maintain a consistent, engaging brand narrative. 

By thinking outside the box and integrating your visual branding in these interactive and meaningful ways, you can create a more compelling and memorable experience for everyone who visits your site. 

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