A Guide to Never Run Out of Trending Topics Again

A Guide to Never Run Out of Trending Topics Again_Blog Post_Wild Wattle Digital
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Feeling a bit stuck in the content creation mud? Worried your blog posts are starting to sound like a broken record? Hey, we’ve all been there! Even the most seasoned content wizards sometimes need a sprinkle of inspiration magic.

Writing is hard enough when you already have an idea in mind, but it becomes near impossible when the topic pool has dried up and you need to create fresh content for your customers.

While it might seem that you’ve exhausted every idea, or explored every facet of your niche, there’s always something you can write about, and it’s surprisingly easy to find inspiration. How do I find new content ideas? Reddit.

Yep, you read that right!

Now, before you scratch your head in confusion, let’s unpack why this bustling online hub is a content goldmine.

It’s a place where people gather to talk about common interests. Because of its popularity, and the variety of people who use it, the chances are it’s going to attract a community for lesser-known niches too.
For example, if your business sells dog training equipment that focuses on positive reinforcement, there is probably a subreddit dedicated to that.

So let’s imagine you’ve found the dog training subreddit, and you’re scrolling through the posts in that particular forum. What will you typically see, and how are they useful for content ideas?

Questions Galore: Redditors are a curious bunch! Their questions are raw, real, and timely. This is so valuable when it comes to content ideas, because it gives you immediate insight into what your target audience wants to know.

Deep Dives & Discussions: The comment threads are like a mini-masterclass. Dive into these threads and you’ll uncover diverse viewpoints, sparking fresh angles for your content.

Grievances? Gold!: While no one likes complaints, they’re a treasure trove of insights. Knowing your niche’s pain points means you can be the solution provider they’re seeking.

Engagement Tells Tales: The upvotes, comments, and awards – oh my! They’re more than just Reddit street cred. They show what’s resonating, guiding you toward topics that’ll make your content pop.

So next time the content well feels a tad dry, give Reddit a scroll.

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