5 Clever ways to reuse your content

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There’s potentially a lot of untapped assets in your business that can help you grow.

If you are anything like me you probably have oodles of content you have created to offer some value to your audience – newsletters, social media posts, random tidbits you write down and forget about.

But are you ever using them more than once?

Well a juicy piece of advice I got over the Christmas break is to use it multiple times.
Repurpose that value packed content you have to new mediums to reach a new audience. Your current audience may only read your newsletter, but try posting the same content to social media, or make a video out of it and post it on Youtube. Different mediums give you a different audience, not everyone will sit down and read a blog post or newsletter.

The great thing about repurposing your content is it already exists. 90% of the work is already done, just tweak it, give it a new lease on life and post it somewhere else. It’s time-consuming to create content and the prospect of starting from scratch can put you off. Work smarter not harder, save your precious time, repurpose.

If you have a piece of content that performed well and delivered value to your audience, you can use it again to re-engage them. Plus, you could reach a whole new audience.

You might be wondering how you can repurpose your content to get the best results.

Let’s go over some ways to make your content work for you.

  • Turn your blog post into an ebook – Blog posts are fantastic for repurposing. The content you’ve got there could get a new lease of life, and an ebook is a great way to do that. Better still, if you have related blog posts on your site, you can create a more in-depth ebook for visitors to download.
  • Use your content for quotes on social media – If you’ve got long form content like blog posts, chances are you’ve got some quotable lines! Go through your content and see what you might be able to use for a Tweet. If you’re feeling creative, you could overlay your quote onto a nice graphic and post it on Instagram.
  • Turn your content into a video – Planning and writing a script are huge parts of video creation. If you repurpose old content instead, you’re already halfway there! There are a lot of people who like watching videos instead of reading words on a screen, so this is your perfect chance to reach new people.
  • Create an infographic from your content – . Do you have content based on statistics? Maybe you wrote a “how to” blog post. These could make a great infographic. You can easily share these in blog posts and on social media. It’s easier for some people to consume information when it’s visually stimulating, like an infographic. You might need a designer for this, but if you’ve got the content, then you’ve got the brief! Or give it a go yourself in a tool like Canva or Figma.
  • Send out a recap newsletter –  Creating a recap newsletter with your best-performing content from the past week or month is a great way to reuse content. You will potentially reach a larger number of your audience by sending this newsletter out to your subscribers.

Repurposing your content can be a great strategy for growing your business without being too time-consuming. You can reach a whole new audience and get more mileage out of your valuable content by sharing it on different platforms and formats. You can repurpose your content in a variety of ways. Use the options above or come up with your own. You could even tap into a medium that your clients might be using that you’re not.

Take advantage of these opportunities to save time and money while still giving your audience something they’ll love.

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